Menù. italiano

Typical Products of Lucca.


Fish salad.
Peppered mussels with an homemade brown bread.
Mixed seafood starters tasting.
Local starter: crostini (crispy bread with dips), cured meats and cheese.
Bresaola (cured beef) with a small salad and cherry tomatoes.
Special of the day

Pasta And Rice Courses.

Fresh squared pasta with baby octopus stew.
Bavette pasta in trabaccolara sauce (mixed fishes ragout).
Risotto with mixed seafood.
Typical tortelli from Lucca in a minced meat sauce.
Special of the day.

Products of Sea Coasts of Lucca.

Main Courses.

Deep fried squids, prawns and vegetables*
Toasted fish of the day fillet with seasonal vegetables.
Mixed shellfish and raw vegetables (for 2 people).
Fishes of the day (grilled, baked or baked with salt).
Sliced beef fillet seasoned with herbs.
Nota: Tutti i secondi piatti sono serviti con contorno


Baked seasonal fruit.
Custard fantasy.
Typical “buccellato” in a creamy sweet custard.
Dessert of the day.
Lemon sorbet with vodka and sparkling wine.